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(From MSCA draft program or EU Work programme)

European Union contribution and applicable rates

The host organisation shall appoint each eligible researcher under an employment contract /
contract with full social security coverage (including sickness, parental, unemployment and
invalidity benefits, pension rights, benefits in respect of accidents at work and occupational
deseases) except where national regulation prohibits this possibility.
Table 2 gives the yearly reference rates for calculating the monthly living allowances of each
eligible researcher. The amounts per year are given in Euros per category of researchers who
are recruited under an employment contract/ contract with full social security coverage
complying with the social security legislation applicable58. These amounts include the
provisions for all compulsory deductions under national applicable legislation.

Table 2: Yearly reference rates for monthly living allowances under employment contracts
(Correction Coefficient index 100)59
Researchers Categories EUR/year
Early-stage researchers 34.800
Experienced researchers 55.800

When an employment contract cannot be provided, the host organisation shall recruit the
researcher under a status equivalent to a fixed-amount fellowship. The rates applicable in
these cases, which shall be duly justified, will be 50% of the rates for researchers under an
employment contract. The host organisation shall ensure that researchers enjoy minimum
social security coverage.
The host organisation receiving the Union funding under Table 2 above shall pay to the
selected researchers a minimum contribution according to these reference allowances, taking
into account all compulsory deductions under national legislation in the context of the project.
The host organisation may pay a top-up to the eligible researchers in order to complement this

In addition to the living allowance, a mobility allowance and a family allowance will be paid
for some categories of researchers as specified in Table 3. In this context family is defined as
persons linked to the researcher by (i) marriage, or (ii) a relationship with equivalent status to
a marriage recognised by the national legislation of the country of the host organisation or of
the nationality of the researcher; or (iii) dependent children who are actually being maintained
by the researcher.
The various rates from Tables 2 and 3 apply to researchers devoting themselves to their
project on a full-time basis (pro-rata for parts of years). In exceptional cases, where
researchers, in agreement with the host organisation, and with prior approval by the Research
Executive Agency, execute their project on a part-time basis, the rates will apply
proportionally without the possibility that the total amounts will exceed those that apply for
full-time equivalent periods. The same principle will also apply in case of split of a project
into several distinct periods.
EU contribution and applicable rate Tablea10
The EU contribution for the co-funding of regional, national and international programmes (COFUND) shall be used exclusively as contribution to
the management of the programme and to the living allowance of the researchers, which is exclusively for the benefit of the researchers appointed
under the project and includes all compulsory deductions under national legislation. Other cost items (such as research costs, travel and mobility
allowances, overheads) may be funded through other resources including EU programmes other than Horizon 2020. Applicants shall specify in their
proposal the amounts that will be provided for the benefit of the researcher and for the organisation that is hosting the researcher. This information
will be needed for the expert evaluators to assess the adequateness of employment and working conditions of the researchers.
The researcher unit costs will be reduced by 50% in case that the researchers are recruited under under a status equivalent to a fixed-amount
The living and mobility allowances provided by the programmes for the benefit of the researchers
 recruited under an employment contract shall in no case be lower than EUR 2 450 (ESR) and EUR 3 675 (ER);
 recruited under a status equivalent to a fixed-amount fellowshipase be lower than EUR 1 225 (ESR) and EUR 1 837,50 (ER).

EU contribution and applicable rate Coef_c10
EU contribution and applicable rate Coef_c11


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