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(From MSCA draft program or EU Work programme)

Evaluation procedure:
- Proposal page limits and layout: The maximum length of the proposal is 10 pages, excluding
the CV of the researchers and the annexes. Experts will be instructed to disregard any excess
The minimum font size allowed is 11 points. The page size is A4, and all margins (top,
bottom, left, right) should be at least 15 mm (not including any footers or headers). Ensure
that the font type chosen is clearly readable (e.g. Arial or Times New Roman).
- Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement10:
Information on the outcome of the evaluation (one stage): xxxx 2015 (maximum 5 months
after the deadline)
Indicative date for the signing of grant agreements: xxxx 2015 (maximum 3 months from the
date of informing applicants)

Evaluation procedure
In Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN, IF and RISE, proposals are allocated to one of the eight
main evaluation panels: Chemistry (CHE), Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Economic
Sciences (ECO), Information Science and Engineering (ENG), Environment and Geosciences
(ENV), Life Sciences (LIF), Mathematics (MAT), Physics (PHY). In ITN, separate
multidisciplinary panels will be created for the European Industrial Doctorates (EID) and the
European Joint Doctorates (EJD). In IF, separate multidisciplinary panels will be created for
the Career Restart Panel (CAR) and the Reintegration Panel. COFUND evaluation will be
organised in two different panels: Doctoral programmes and Fellowship programmes.
For each panel a ranked list is established. The distribution of the indicative budget of the call
will be proportional to the number of eligible proposals received in each panel, except where a
specific budget for a multidisciplinary panel has been fixed in the call. If the budget allocated
to any panel exceeds the requirements of all proposals positively evaluated57 in that panel, the
excess budget will be reallocated to the other panels based on the distribution as above.
Equally, if the allocated funding to a panel is insufficient to fund the highest ranked proposal
in that panel, the necessary budget will be transferred from the other panels based on the
distribution as above, in order to ensure that the highest ranked proposal can be funded.
Proposals will not be evaluated anonymously. Proposals may be evaluated remotely.
As part of the evaluation by independent experts, a panel review will recommend one or more
ranked lists for the proposals under evaluation, following the scoring systems indicated in this
work programme.
If necessary, the panel will determine a priority order for proposals which have been awarded
the same score within a ranked list. When the total scores are equal, priority will be based on
scores for individual award criteria. For each action the priority order of the criteria is detailed
in table 1 of the section on award criteria.
If necessary, any further prioritisation will be based on other appropriate characteristics, to be
decided by the panel, related to the contribution of the proposal to the European Research
Area and/or general objectives mentioned in the work programme (e.g. inter-sectoral
mobility, international co-operation, favourable employment and working conditions).
Whether or not such a prioritisation is carried out will depend on the available budget or other
conditions set out in the call fiche.


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