About "real" salary with IEF grant

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About "real" salary with IEF grant Empty About "real" salary with IEF grant

Post by Admin on December 3rd 2013, 3:22 pm

My husband had 89 (IEF ENV) so he had not the grant, but he will try next year.
He will go to Oslo and life costs for a family (we have 2 children, and waiting for the 3rd) are really high, so the salary of Oslo university postdoc is not sufficient.
When we look IEF salary in "Guide for applicant", we found that : living allowance : 1.4 (Norway) *58.500€/yr = 6825€/month, + mobility allowance (with family) : 1400€/month, so 8825€/month (before taxes). That seems to be imposible ! Where is the problem ?

For those who have ever IEF grant, what is approximatively the real salary ?

Thank you !


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