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Last update Mariecurieaction blog. Empty Last update Mariecurieaction blog.

Post by Admin on November 27th 2013, 1:18 pm


Update 25.11: In order to better assess if your proposal has chances of funding, you can compare your result to last year's results. If your score is lower than the cut-off threshold of last year, chances are realistic you will not get funded. If your score is higher, unfortunately it will not necessarily mean that your proposal will get funded, as success rates are expected to be lower than last year due to the increase in submissions of approximately 30%.

Last year's cut-off thresholds:

Please note that a similar call for proposals for Individual Fellowships will be published next spring with a deadline in September. In case your proposal did not get funded this year and you still fulfill the eligibility criteria, you can submit again a proposal. Please note that the evaluation criteria will differ. Further information will be published on December 11th on the Research Participant Portal.

In case you wish to submit a request for the redress procedure, please note the following: You will find further information about this procedure in the letter which is sent together with the information on the Evaluation Summary Report. A redress procedure takes time and it is not an automatic re-evaluation. For statistics on the outcome of the redress procedures of the past years, please refer to this blog entry:


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Last update Mariecurieaction blog. Empty Re: Last update Mariecurieaction blog.

Post by IOF-PHY on November 27th 2013, 1:36 pm

Great idea to have this forum!


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